Base64 Decode

decoder base64

Base64 Decode is a free online tool for decoding base64 strings back into regular text. You can use this to decode things like images, code snippets and other data that might be in base64 format. This works especially well to deal with XML or other markup languages. The process of decoding takes on the meaning again and should replace stripping, obfuscation or any kind of mark - up before pasting base64 encoded data into an application or document.

For example, if you have some input like the following: I'll show some kitties and if they've got cute little legs like me <img style='vertical-align: middle;' src= ' https://i. imgur. com/193wxnc. png?mode=gif '> Here are some kittens who will love you. Product Features - Encode, decode from base64 string. - Perfect for converting markup based formats. - Use for Free and enjoy peace of mind.



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