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Line Break Remover: How to Remove Line Breaks and Preserve Paragraphs

If you’re an author, editor or blogger, you may find that sometimes you want to convert blocks of text into two separate paragraphs when you don’t necessarily need to remove line breaks within the paragraphs. You just want to separate the blocks of text. There are several ways to do this with free online tools, and one of the easiest methods is using Line Break Remover, a Web service that makes it easy to remove line breaks from blocks of text while preserving paragraph breaks.

what is line break remover tool?

Remove line breaks with Ease! Want to remove line breaks in a large chunk of text? This tool is easy, fast, accurate, and free. Just type or paste your text into our online line break remover tool and click remove linebreaks. Now, you’ve got lines of text without those pesky new lines all over it! You can also use our online remove line break tool for free.

why you need to use this tool?

A Word or Excel document can sometimes become littered with weird, line-break-looking characters. These are soft returns, which are different than hard returns (the ones you hit by hitting enter) because they look like a blank line in your doc but actually don’t advance anything on your page—you can move them around, highlight them, or delete them if you want. They have no real purpose except for giving Word an indicator that there should be a new line on a page when it hits one of these soft return characters. But how does it know where one paragraph ends and another begins? That’s where soft returns get in our way. If you’ve ever tried pasting text from a PDF into Word, you may notice that all your paragraphs suddenly turn into long strings of text with no breaks between them. This is because each time a word processor sees one of those soft returns, it thinks it's at the end of a paragraph. So what do we do about it? Use the Remove Line Breaks tool, It takes care of all those annoying little bits so you can go back to just writing things out normally. Removing line breaks is extremely easy now with our free to use line break remover.

how to remove line breaks?

Paste your text in the box and choose the line break option then click the format button, New box will appear with new text.


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