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JPG Converter

convert jpg to png

If your images are too large to be used on the web, you can use [JPG Converter tool] to make them smaller.

JPG to GIF converter is a simple and easy-to-use tool that enables you to convert JPG image files into animated gifs. You can use this software for creating animated GIF images from your favorite pictures. The program supports over 100 image formats including BMP, PNG, JPG and JPEG.

The program also supports batch conversion of multiple JPG files at once. It lets you convert jpg to can select multiple images from the folder or drag-and-drop them onto the program window. You can also choose the option to add watermarks in your converted images.

The program supports different options for quality settings such as low (fast), medium (good), high (best) and unlimited quality settings. You can also adjust other settings such as speed, transparency etc., while converting JPG images into gifs using this software tool. JPG to PNG Converter is a free online image converter. It converts your JPG files to PNG format so that you can easily upload them to websites and social media platforms.


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